Planning Recovery – Is it your design?

by Mar 28, 2017Planning

A drawing board with a building design on it Planning Recovery

Planning recovery

Is it your design?

Are you planning Recovery? Before you build anything there is a planning stage to complete. This stage is so important but is the first one you may be leaving out! Consider anyone trying to build a house without an architect! So you have materials and you know what you want to do. You are committed and willing to work hard! You are motivated to face challenges and are positive about your results but you will create nothing but an expensive mess!

Planning Recovery

You need a plan and this plan means asking yourself at least four important questions.

1 Is it your design?

2 Is this the right place to be building?

3 Are you ready to pay the cost?

4 What rooms do you want to build into your new life?

The first of which we will look at here and it is in my title

Is it your design?

“Of course”! you say, whose else could it be? The surprising answer is that it is more than likely to be someone else’s. Usually an important figure like your Father or other care giver that you feel is disappointed in you, or has a strong idea on who you are supposed to be. Or it could be a friends design, someone who influences you and you look up to. Maybe they have recovered and you want what they have? These things are very typical so don’t worry but understand this, if you fail to plan you are planning to fail!

Check your perspective

When people get into bad habits and addictive lifestyles they feel terrible about themselves and want to get back to where they should be in life and to regain respect and love from their close ones. This gives you a skewed perspective on things and will tempt you to rush into a project that is not even your own design but designed to please someone else. Here is the hard truth, if it is not your design it will not stand! You must understand this and apply these ideas before you start building.

We will look at the other questions in other posts but for now ask yourself this question. Is this really my design?