Helping you build you recovery

Your foundation is the thing on which everything else is built.

 Building your Foundation

Most of us would acknowledge the importance of a good foundation in any building project. But there are a few things we need to take into account when thinking about this building as your recovery.

Firstly, the foundation is the unsung hero of the building. It takes a lot of work but is largely unseen, this can be a huge challenge to your early recovery when you may want others to see your efforts.

Secondly, the foundation is not just strong, it carries an imprint of your design in it’s structure. So we must plan and design it with all our rooms and size taken into account.

The main qualities of your foundation


One of the biggest problems I have seen over the years has been people trying to recover but letting others dictate the look of that recovery. It must be your design! Read more about Design


Recovery is not free. Neither are homes. If you do not consider the cost of what you are commiting to, you will not be ready to pay for it. Read more about Cost


In your addicted lifestyle who did you spend your time with? Have you considered that you may need a new location if you are to be happy in your new home. Read more about Location.