Frequently Asked Questions

We have included the answers to questions we get asked the most but there may still be some questions you have that are not included here! That is completely understandable and we would invite you to fill in the contact form available on this web site, please put your question in writing and we will answer directly. there is no charge for this contact.
You can also view our Recovery Chart and use it to help you assess where your family is now in the recovery process and what type of family response you have had with regard to these issues.

1 Do you treat addictions to drugs only?

No. We treat and have had success with addictions to other substances including prescription drugs, as well as behavoural addictions and OCD behavour. In our work with drugs we do not offer any form of detoxification although we can arrange for these services.

2 What happens if our addicted family member decides they cannot continue?
You have two choices. One, you could postpone or cancel treatment (there are no lengthy contracts) or, Two, you could continue as a family to grow in recovery through the treatment until your family member feels they can join the treatment once again.

3 How long does treatment last?
All situations are unique. Two things are important to know, firstly, you are in charge. It ends when you say it ends. Secondly, the level of treatment can be managed and reduced until the situation is stable.

4 How do we know if our family member is addicted?
The chances are that if you are reading this then they are already addicted and the family has been in denial about this for some time. At any rate, a brief treatment episode will soon clarify this for you.

5 Do we have to stop any other support during treatment?
No. Our treatment is family based and works through communication skills, therefore it does not clash with any other form of support you may be receiving.