ARE YOU SUFFERING WITH DEPENDENCE AND ADDICTION? tHIS SERVICE offers an alternative to rehab by SUPPORTing PEOPLE one to one. Outgrow your addiction through personal growth and relationship development
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Interview with Dave Cooper

Dave Cooper


Dave Cooper is a Family Therapist who has specialised in recovery from dependence and addiction for the last thirty years, since his own recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

“Over the past thirty years I have run Treatment Centres, trained staff and developed the Building Recovery programme. I now have a good grasp on what works and what doesn’t”.

Residential Rehab is not the appropriate treatment for most people. The most effective treatment is a one to one approach with an experienced professional. Over the past ten years the ‘alternative to Rehab’ service has proved effective in helping people recover from addiction.  

This service is available for you anywhere in the world. Whether you are on tour, or just have a very busy schedule. The A2R service will fit your lifestyle.

A Systemic Approach

I will bring valuable expertise to your situation. one to one

Registered Family Therapist (ACC)

Addictions Counselling

Marriage Counselling

Specialist Counselling

Public Speaker


A word from Dave

Everyone is unique

My approach, based upon thirty years of experience and practice says that each person, relationship and story is unique.
It follows that your journey into recovery will also be a unique experience. I have guided many people in this journey, without judgement or blame.
Allow me to help you to reach your full potential.


Kind words from previous course delegates

The course offered me a structure on which I can build my contact with heroin addicts. I now have the confidence to interact with my clients. Great day. Excellent quality. Phil

Recovery Coach, Preston Drug and Alcohol Service

This workshop gave me a greater understanding of addiction and clarification of a successful approach to working with those who wish to break the cycle of their addictions. I just wanted to say thank you. The workshop was much appreciated. Sue

Psychologist, NHS

Thank you for a brilliant day with so much detailed information. Your experiences are so relevant and needed today. John

Recovery Coach, Private Rehabilitation Centre