Ground Floor


Helping you build you recovery

The Ground Floor is where we build new relationships – restoring normal functioning

Building your Ground Floor

When we start building the walls of a house we start to see the building take shape and begin to look like a real home. So it’s important that we make sure that the design is being followed properly and that we are using the right quality of materials.

We will often check this out by drawing a ground floor plan of the house we used to live in and compare it with what we now want for ourselves. As we did in the preparation section.

So, how do we know when we have built a good ground floor? What can we say once it is done?  This is what we should be able to say “no one can say anything or do anything that will have me using or acting out”.

The main qualities of your ground floor


This is one of the biggest and most important parts of your building.  Let’s take the time to think this through. well. Read more about the ground floor

Ground Floor challenges

There are particular challenges associated with the ground floor. It is so important that you are aquanted with them. No one likes to be in the middles of a project and find that they did not understand what they were facing.. Read more about the challenges

The two main mistakes

When you think about it ther are only two mistakes we can make when building our recovery home. We can either build too fast, or too slow. Read more about pacing yourself.

Now that we have our ground floor we should take a look out of the windows

As we complete our ground floor, let’s make sure we are not missing out on any rooms we need.

As we complete our ground floor, let’s take another look at our relationships