We offer couples therapy that takes a positive view of relationships. We have developed a proven method of re-connecting couples and giving them a way of rebuilding what they have lost. Never before have couples been under more pressure. We are constantly being bombarded with messages telling us to ‘expect more’, that we can ‘have everything we want’ and that it will not take any effort or be any challenge to us. Often it is only when the marriage is being seriously threatened that we take any action.

If your relationship has disappointed you or has run onto the rocks, we believe that just one session with the marriage Dr will convince you that there is hope!

Sometimes one member of the relationship will feel intimidated because the counselor is of the opposite sex. this is quite common in couples counselling so rest assured that when we work with couples both my wife and I are present in the room. We know all about the challenges that marriage can bring and have applied the methods that we offer our clients. We are living proof that they work!
We find that working this way balances out the male/female ratio and can help everyone feel comfortable. Our aim is to help couples feel reconnected to each other and become much more hopeful about their future together. It is so important that each member of the relationship can say what they need to say and feel that they are being heard. The ‘Marriage Dr uses tried and trusted methods that re-connect the couples with the reason they got married in the first place but does not avoid the difficult areas.
Assuring you of our best attention, we know how hard this can be, and we are waiting for your call.
Telephone : 07764996223 for your fast track appointment.