Family in recovery

The Family is the client


Alternative To Rehab – How It Works


Traditional forms of treatment have seen the addicted family member as the client. This is basically a throw back to the 1950’s and the concept of the ‘problem child’. Considering the whole family as the client ‘A2R’ is able to treat the family and support family recovery. Standard models cannot hope to accomplish this.


Our treatment model is based upon making real progress in the difficult and challenging conditions of real life. Traditional forms of treatment remove people from their life by offering residential care. Here they apply ‘theories’ of recovery. However, progress made in actual life situations are more authentic and long lasting.


Our treatment model works with the family in their living situation. We do not use trainees or volunteers. This means that we can offer a treatment program that is uniquely ‘tailor made’ for your needs. Taking into account the nature of the addiction, the beliefs and practices of the family and the type of solution they have tried ‘alternative to rehab’ offers a tailor made solution.

What we don’t do


Our plan works with all types of addictions, for those that are ‘substance based’ it is important to know that the ‘alternative to rehab’ treatment does not include ‘detox’ of any kind although we will support any plan that has been prescribed by NHS or other professional medical services.

Counselling and processing is more suitable for clients not heavily detoxifying.


Plain and simple, we do not use volunteers! When you enter the Alternative to Rehab treatment program you are seen by Dave Cooper. There are no trainees or volunteers recently out of rehab themselves! Dave brings thirty years of experience to the work he will do with you and your family and works exclusively for the A2R service.Please see this link for more details.


Plain and simple, we do not do refunds!

Whatever you have committed to, that payment is never refunded. Committment is very important in recovery treatment, that is the main reason we suggest three months as the minimum treatment period. So let us make it and keep it perfectly clear, no refunds!

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