wall-of-bricksBuild your complete recovery from the foundations upwards!

This course helps to guide you in build a complete recovery no matter what approach you are using! This course supports your recovery by using the metaphor of a house or building. This will ensure that you get first things first and that you go at the right pace for your self. It will also help you to ask the right questions of yourself at the right time.

When you want to develop your recovery think building!

Your Recovery Building is constructed in four parts. First there is the planning, then the foundation, followed by the ground floor and the first floor. When you plan your recovery you will become fully prepared to start on your foundation. When you build a solid foundation you will be setting up your recovery in the right way by including the concepts of solidity, room planning and boundaries. The ground floor you will build is concerned with rooms, relationships, lifestyle and communication as it is about restoring your self to a recovered place. Your first floor is where you will be setting goals and seeing ahead to a future you have designed for yourself. Finally the second floor is where you put your plans desires and dreams into place! Further developing your recovery from the ground up.

Working with a simple picture

Great teachers and scholars have shown that working with a simple picture that translates well is one of the most effective ways of getting ideas across and quickly establishing a set of complex ideas. Whatever approach you have chosen, or even if you have not chosen one in particular. Using the simple picture of a house and the way it is built from the planning stage to the rooftop will help you to keep everything in it’s right place, balanced in proportion and in the right order! Subscribe below for regular updates and support.

Download the companion publication to this series. Building Recovery

Have a listen to this series

This day offered me a structure on which I can build my contact with heroin addicts. I now have the confidence to interact with my clients.

Great day. Excellent quality


Recovery Coach, Preston Drug and Alcohol Service

On a personal level the ‘EXIT’ idea was intriguing. I enjoyed listening to other group members share their experiences

Wish I had known all this years ago


Psychotherapist, Private Practice

This workshop gave me a greater understanding of addiction and clarification of a successful approach to working with those who wish to break the cycle of their addictions.

I just wanted to say thank you. The workshop was much appreciated.


Psychologist, NHS

The idea of avoiding the trap of success and failure was fascinating.

An exceptional day! I would like to learn more in the future. The best single days training I have ever attended.



The building model and its uses is brilliant!

Thank you for a brilliant day with so much detailed information. Your experiences are so relevant and needed today.


Recovery Coach, Private Rehabilitation Centre

Completely new understanding of how to approach addiction.

Extremely useful


Psychologist, NHS