How to Build your Recovery

This section will help you to understand all the main methods of the

building recovery approach

The Baby

This is a method that helps us to put our recovery first! By likening the development of a new born baby with the development of your recovery, we get a useful picture of the time scale we should be thinking about.

How long have you been clean? That is how old your baby is! Use this method to help you take responsibility for your own recovery.

Big Picture – Little Picture

This is a method that helps us to understand the difference between the sort of picture our ‘core self’ has, and the sort of picture our ‘parts’ have.

Use this method when you have identified the nature of your present difficulty. Once you have identified which size of picture it’s in, change screens!

Pop the balloon!

This is a method of removing the pressure that can build up when we are trying to do without our addictive habits.  Until we talk about things they can appear to be much more important than they truly are.

Once you pop the balloon you take the pressure off and see the thing for what it really is. This can be a great aid to self management in difficult circumstances.

Re-triggering the adult

This is another of the most useful of the Building Recovery methods. The idea of re-triggering is something that can save you a lot of trouble. Even just kowing the basics can be very powerful.

Here we go through the four stages of triggering as well as four ways of re-triggering your ‘core’ self.

Things the block your recovery

Part One

Here is the first of three videos helping you to understand three main things that can stand in the way of your recovery.

We learn through difficulties. But we must have the right attitude towards those issues for this to be valuable.

Things that block your recovery

Part Two

This is the second in a three part series on this subject. Here we look at the idea of ‘Looking at others’

Blaming others for what goes wrong in your life, complaining about how you are under valued or mistreated. There is simply no growth in this, and growth is what you need!

Things that block your recovery

Part Three

The last in this series, here we look at the dangers of not being yourself. Especially the idea that being your self is often quite simple.

This is a subject that is often shrouded in secrecy and mystique but the fact is that we can think about it quite simply.