The Marriage Dr – The Conscious Marriage

by | Jun 26, 2014

How do we create a more ‘conscious’ marriage? We start by reviewing what we have at the moment, which might be described as an ‘unconscious’ marriage. By which we mean a contract that has never been written scrutinized negotiated or agreed, and yet we are living by it! By putting these ideas into practice we will carefully and lovingly create a ‘conscious marriage’ which will stand the test of time and create a relationship where both partners can grow.

Improve your relationship with things

You may not have thought about things this way but you could be said to have a relationship with everything, not just people! If you are addicted to cocaine, think about your relationship with it as something that started, developed, and can change. 

It is useful to think of inanimate relationships as appropriate or inappropriate. When you keep asking your neighbour for things, it might be okay for a while, but if you keep doing it they will eventually get tired of it. If you keep asking alcohol or drugs to help you avoid your responsibilities and needs, this is the basis of an inappropriate relationship and will not end well.

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